Here at Neat, we only accept the following forms of identification documents listed below for any real-name application (including real-name registration and authentication):


  1. Chinese Resident Identity Card
  2. Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
  3. Hong Kong Identity Card*
  4. Passport


Other certificates will only be considered as supporting documents (e.g. Macau Resident Identity Card, Taiwan National Identification Card, driving license or any certificates issued by the government authorities).


If an applicant holds a Chinese/Hong Kong ID card, we must record the ID number in our system but not passport number. Therefore, for mainland china or Hong Kong applicant submitting passport as the ID proof, he/she is required to provide ID card as well.


*For applicants who do not hold a permanent Hong Kong Identity Card, he/she is required to register with their passport to confirm his/her nationality.

**For Mainland China resident applicants, only Chinese Resident Identity Card will be accepted.