The fees for topping up your Neat account depend on the top-up method you use. Please see the fees for different top-up methods below.

1). Linking your bank account


2). Online bank transfer

Neat does not charge for receiving funds from Hong Kong bank accounts. Your bank may charge you for online banking transfers.

3). Cash deposit


4). Card top-ups

You can top up your Neat account in real time using a debit or credit card. 

A fixed and a variable fee are applied for card top-ups, which are the fees that we are paying to our provider.

Fixed amount: HK$2.35
Variable amount: 3.4%

The formula we use to calculate the fee is the following:

 ((top_up_amount + 2.35) / (1 - 0.034) * 100)

For example, if you are topping up HK$1,000, the total amount charged will be HKD 1037.63 as per formula below:

((1,000 + 2.35) / (1 - 0.034) * 100) = HK$1037.63

This is how it works:

HK$1037.63 * 0.034 (variable fee) = HK$35.28
HK$1037.63 - HK$35.28 = HK$1002.35 
HK$1002.35 - HK$2.35 (fixed fee) = HK$1000