** NOTE: The limits below apply to the cards only. The account limits for Neat Business are different.


Tier 1


You will be in Tier 1 upon card activation.




Tier 2


You will be upgraded to Tier 2* approximately 1 working week after card activation. Upgrades may take longer than usual if any documents received during sign-up doesn't meet the requirements as set by our partnering card issuer. i.e. when uploading Live Photos, please note that you will need to take a selfie of yourself holding your Passport / Chinese Resident Identity Card / Hong Kong Permanent ID Card with your whole arm and elbow completely visible (not cropped out and ID doesn't show reflection).

For the types of Identification Documents, please visit here.


*Please note you must be above 18 years of age to be eligible for Tier 2.




Tier 3


In order to be upgraded to Tier 3, you will need to be on T2 and make a bank transfer from a bank account in your own name*, or make a request to our Customer Support team to have a form issued out via support@neat.hk. 


Tier 3 upgrades are usually processed within a week.



*Transfers from Bank of China and CITIC do not show the sender name, therefore transfers from these 2 banks will not enable your Neat Personal Card to be automatically upgraded to Tier 3. If you transferred from these banks or cannot transfer from a bank account in your own name, please contact us at support@neat.hk.