** NOTE: The limits below apply to the cards only. The account limits for Neat Business are different.


Tier 1


You will be in Tier 1 upon card activation.




Tier 2


You will be automatically upgraded to Tier 2* approximately 1 working week after card activation. Upgrades may take longer than usual if any documents received during sign-up doesn't meet the requirements as set by our partnering card issuer. i.e. your live photo must show your face and you holding the passport with the whole arm including elbow completely visible.


*Please note you must be above 18 years of age to be eligible for Tier 2.




Tier 3


In order to be upgraded to Tier 3 you will need to make a bank transfer from a bank account in your own name*, or make a request to our Customer Support team to have a form issued out via support@neat.hk. 


Tier 3 upgrade is usually processed within a week.



*Transfers from Bank of China and CITIC do not show the sender name, therefore transfers from these 2 banks will not enable your Neat Personal Card to be automatically upgraded to Tier 3. If you transferred from these banks or cannot transfer from a bank account in your own name, please contact us at support@neat.hk.