Please immediately block your card in the Profile of your App and contact us at to get assistance.


We recommend you to always have your push notifications turned on, to receive a notification after each of your card transactions.


If there are unrecognised transactions on your Neat Card, we can also help you process a dispute claim with MasterCard. The result of the dispute will be dependent on the outcome of MasterCard's investigation.


The best and fastest method is to contact the merchant directly, inform them about the unauthorised transactions and ask them to hold the goods/services and refund you. If the merchant refuses to refund but agrees for you to process the chargeback procedure, please get the merchant’s recommendation as evidence.


If you proceed with the chargeback (dispute claim), you will need to pay the chargeback fee (HKD320 + 1% disputed amount per each transaction) first.


For MasterCard to begin the investigation, they will require the submission of the following information:

  1. Police Report - please file a police report to report the unauthorised transactions. If there are multiple, please make sure to list all the unauthorised transactions separately. You must file a police report even if your card wasn’t stolen in order for us to process the chargeback

  2. Declaration of suspect transactions - you just need to list out the unrecognised transactions on a separate page (what happened: date, time, location, which card, why do you need the chargeback) 

  3. Application form of chargeback (as attached)


Please note that chargebacks can only be made within 30 days of the transaction being made.