How do I Transfer money?


You can transfer money to other Neat Personal Card users in the Payments feature of the app. 


These transfers are free and instant and known as P2P transfers. You simply type in the amount, select your contact and you're good to go.



My Transfer isn't working


There are a few reasons why you may have experienced an issue with your transfer.

  • Please note the App asks you for your PIN. You can set your PIN in the Profile of your app and it's not the same as your Password.

  • Make sure that both you and your friend are in Tier 2 in order to be able to make and receive transfers. You will be automatically upgraded to Tier 2, 2-3 working days after card activation (provided all necessary documents are correct). 

  • Both your card and your friend's card need to be activated and they cannot be locked or blocked.


Are there other Transfers available?


At the moment, only P2P transfers are available, it’s presently not possible to transfer money to any bank accounts.