Your Login password is the 6 Digit security code to access the Neat App. 



If you forgot* your login password:


Just tap the “Forgot” button on the Neat App’s login screen. We will then send you a new login code by email.


*For security reasons, if you input the wrong Login password 5 times your Neat card and Neat App will be locked for 15 minutes.





Your PIN is the 6 Digit security code to operate your Neat Card (e.g. at an ATM and P2P transfer). 


If you forgot* your PIN:


Just tap the "Set PIN" button within your profile, once you have entered and confirmed your PIN, an SMS verification code will be sent to your phone. Once you have entered this, you will be able to set up a new PIN.


*For security reasons, if you enter the wrong pin 3 times, your account will be locked until 00:01 Hong Kong time